Concrete Homes

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We prefer to build our homes using ICF Walls  Insulated concrete Forms..
 Its Green saves big on energy and last for ever.

¨   Energy Saver
The foam in concrete walls can provide a thermal resistance up to R-40, while a wood-framed house only provides R-9 to R-15 values.   The high thermal value from concrete walls require less energy to heat by 40% and about 30% less to cool. 

¨   Safe and Sturdy Structure
Concrete walls can withstand strong winds from hurricanes and tornados that would normally destroy a wooden home.  Studies have shown concrete walls are 8.5 times stronger than conventionally framed homes, and can endure winds up to 250 mph.


¨   Peace and Quiet
The indoor environment in a concrete home alleviates unwanted noises.  Concrete walls can achieve sound transmission classification of STC 50, which is twice as high as a wood-framed home.  Outside loud noises are reduced to whispers inside the structure.

¨   Highly Moisture Resistant  
¨   Green Building
 The environmentally friendly materials in the concrete and foam walls are designed to last for centuries.  They conserve precious natural forest resources and their energy reduces fuel consumption.