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The Khoury Difference

1. Our customers are treated like business partners.  We believe you should always be in the know just like a partner.  When there is an obstacle to overcome we make sure to involve you, and we always complete what we start with the highest and utmost intergrity.          

2. We build with high quality materials at a competitive price.  Khoury Homes realizes the worth of a dollar these days.  That is why we negotiate to get you high quality materials that will meet your budget along with a well made home comprised of durable appliances and products.  Like they say, "A job done well stays well done forever."
3.  We operate with our customers in an interactive fashion.  It is very important our customer is aware of every aspect of construction in their home, which incorporates managing budget, timelines, and perhaps a shift in expectations.  We want to communicate as much as we can to make certain you know as much as we do. 
4. We are considerate and respectful with our customers.  Whether we are building or remodeling your home, we believe in cleaning up after ourselves and always practice safety in the workplace.